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A full article complete with photos in the Globe and Mail:

Take a look: The new must-have for mothers-to-be is professional birth photography



“She was punctual, more about patient and quite willing to wait out Ryder’s theatrics to get the perfect shot (which we thank you for!). I’m just in the process of enlarging the photo of our two little guys shown above; I love how she captured their innocence – and mischievousness – with one click of her camera.”–

Lena Almeida, this Listen to Lena

Why to hire a birth photographer:

“I think of birth photography can capture a woman’s inner strength in photos, medicine and help show just how strong we really are.”

Little Miss Kate

“I am so happy with the decision to have Carrie as our birth photographer for Little Bears arrival.  Not only will I treasure these photos forever, but I as able to share the experience with people who were not actually in the delivery room with us, like my mother and sister.”

Little Miss Kate