Are you a Snappy Mama?

You’ve got kids. They do fun stuff. They make you crazy, they make you smile.

It’s easy sometimes to get distracted from the joy. To be overwhelmed by all you have to do. I know. I have two kids and run my business from home. It’s chaotic on a good day.

Sometimes though, you just gotta ‘Keep calm, and snap on.’

That’s right. When my son dumped out some flour onto the kitchen counter and started digging in it while I was in the next room, I was, to say the least, annoyed with the situation. But had I let that annoyance get the better of me, I would have missed out on the wonder and amazement that ensued.

“Look mommy, snow!” he gushed as he ran his toy digger through a pile of the white stuff.


What if next time your kid did something that made you crazy, you could just be in the moment. You could just watch him/her in wonder. What if you could take a great photo of it, that would make your heart ache each time you looked at it, because it was just so awesome?

Come to my Snappy Mama workshop and find out how to use your camera to the best of your ability.
Let me take the frustration out of one part of your day so you can be free to enjoy other parts.

Let me help you create photos that are sharp, crisp, clear and beautiful (just like your kids).

Bring your cameras and questions and be prepared to learn!

When? Wednesday, October 24th @1pm

Where? Playful Grounds! 605 College Street

Sign up? Send an e-mail at or sign up at the cafe!

Cost: Free! (pre-registration required)

(Peace and serenity, not included)

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