I’m only smiling because there’s chocolate waiting ~ Toronto Family Photographer

When I met this lovely family for the first time, I was excitedly greeted by little Miss C who showed me her dress and some of her great toys.
She was so amazingly cooperative, I couldn’t believe it. We whisked through some posed family portraits, and even got some great ones of her in her bedroom as she showed me around, and of her and daddy together after a rousing game of “knight dragons.”

This kid has imagination to spare!

Nearing the end of the session, the words “Mars bar” came up, as Miss C had been promised some candy for cooperating. She made sure her parents didn’t forget the deal. She smiled, but this whole deal was wearing thin. Make with the chocolate!

Even when I returned to do their viewing session a week later, she made sure to point out in a particular photo when she was looking quite serious that “that was when I wanted my Mars bar”.

Well the results speak for themselves. I think I might start carrying a stash in my camera bag.





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