Truly luscious lipbalm

I’m introducing a “favourite things” section to my blog. It will mostly feature products that I think mamas will love and I’m so happy to kick it off with this!


Chocolate passing through my lips is nothing unusual for me.
It’s no secret that the rich sweet caffeinated treat is my biggest weakness. And these days, thanks to Eclair Lips, I’m smearing it on my lips several times a day is a little luxury that I’m indulging in regularly.
Imagine my absolute joy when my dear friend decided to launch Eclair Lips, the natural fix for your chocoholic lips.
Her natural cocoa butter-based lip balms offer up addictive flavours like my favourite– Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. My winter-damaged lips were certainly grateful to try out several different varieties– Like the Mexican Hot Chocolate and the Chocolate Chai Hot Chocolate

And almost as awesome as the products is her packaging.
Even a less than crafty lady like me could make the simple earrings that were the product packaging was destined for.
The cute paper and easy-peasy instructions turned out to be something fashionable and wearable. And if all of that doesn’t convince you, know that this lady pours her heart and soul into everything she does! She’s all kinds of awesome and her lipbalm is nothing less.

Eclair4bees Eclair4bees_1 Eclair4bees_2 Eclair4bees_3 Eclair4bees_4

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