1. How does it work?

About two weeks prior to your expected delivery date, we go on call, until your labour. Day or night, if your baby is coming, you must call us to let us know! We generally only come during “active” labour, as the hours prior to active labour can be extremely long.  We’ll stay with you for one to two hours after the birth, or when you’re ready to say, “we’d like to be alone as a family”.


2. Aren’t the photos graphic? I don’t want any pictures of THAT!

Birth photography tells the story of the day your child was born. It tells how you and your partner worked through labour together. It tells the emotion of when your partner sees your baby emerge. It tells the story of how you met your baby. It’s your baby’s first breath, their first cry, their first time with their eyes open.


3. This is my first baby, I don’t know what to expect. Won’t it be weird to have a stranger there?

We get where your coming from. Birth is a daunting thing for a first time parent. Heck it’s daunting the second or third time around too! With a hospital birth, I’ll likely be the person you know best in the room. We’ll have met at least once or twice before hand. Between the nurses that are coming in and out of your room, and changing shifts, and the on-call doctor, you meet while your baby is crowning, I’ll be the least of your concerns as far as strangers go.


4. What about privacy?

Birth can be a very intimate process and we respect that. We will never post any images of your birth that depict direct nudity. In our viewing session after your birth, we’ll go over the photos together. You’ll have final veto over which ones we publish.


 5. Can’t my partner just take pictures?

Absolutely, your spouse or partner could take pictures, or they could hold your hand, put pressure on your back and help you with your breathing. More importantly though, if your partner is taking the pictures, he’s not in any of them.  You’ll love to see the look on their face when they first meets your baby, in photos, because trust me, that’s a moment that you’ll miss while you’re busy bringing this babe into the world.


6. Can my hospital birth be photographed?

YES! Most hospitals allow more people to be in the birthing room than ever before. You are free to have who you like in the room with you. A practitioner may request that their photo not be taken, and we’ll respect that, but otherwise, it’s your birth, and your right to have it captured by a professional.