Little lady P at home in Etobicoke — newborn session

I don’t talk about it often, but my hometown is in Sudbury, ON.

Sometimes, I’m lucky to encounter one of my own, someone who like me left their small town to move to the big city. They get me, and it’s kinda like coming home.
I felt this way, with this little lady’s mama.
She too is from my hometown.
And her daughters are just gorgeous!


NewbornPevec01 NewbornPevec03






NewbornPevec07 NewbornPevec08 NewbornPevec09 NewbornPevec16 NewbornPevec23 NewbornPevec24 NewbornPevec27 NewbornPevec28 NewbornPevec29 NewbornPevec32






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