Home sweet home — a Mississauga homebirth


It’s not every day that one of the people that are nearest and dearest to you ask you to be a witness to their life changing moments.
The mama of this lovely family has always been there for my life-changing moments, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Being asked to be present for her second baby’s birth is a moment I will cherish forever.

I was and am in awe of how confident she was in her birthing choices, right from the beginning. That little A was brought in to her world in her parents’ bed, surrounded by so much love was such an amazing moment to watch and capture.



RoyLeblancBirth_0002 RoyLeblancBirth_0004 RoyLeblancBirth_0008 RoyLeblancBirth_0010 RoyLeblancBirth_0011 RoyLeblancBirth_0027 RoyLeblancBirth_0032 RoyLeblancBirth_0033 RoyLeblancBirth_0038 RoyLeblancBirth_0045 RoyLeblancBirth_0046 RoyLeblancBirth_0050 RoyLeblancBirth_0052 RoyLeblancBirth_0054 RoyLeblancBirth_0057 RoyLeblancBirth_0062 RoyLeblancBirth_0067 RoyLeblancBirth_0070 RoyLeblancBirth_0073 RoyLeblancBirth_0075 RoyLeblancBirth_0077 RoyLeblancBirth_0078 RoyLeblancBirth_0082 RoyLeblancBirth_0083 RoyLeblancBirth_0084 RoyLeblancBirth_0089 RoyLeblancBirth_0090 RoyLeblancBirth_0092 RoyLeblancBirth_0093 RoyLeblancBirth_0095





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