Too fast

They all said it would happen, and I did not believe. How could it “go by too fast” when I was still waking up in the middle of the night, while I was changing diapers and wiping noses, and running from kinder gym to guardian swim class with no time to myself. The thankless yet […]


What’s stopping you?

I sent out my newsletter this week and I talked a little bit about myself and my own insecurities. As a mom of two babies who didn’t exactly recover her body in between pregancies, you could say I’m feeling a little vulnerable when it comes to my body. You could also say that I pretty […]


Welcome Home Rafael

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder how other birth photographers, doulas, midwives, ect… don’t all have 10 kids! Every time I get to cuddle a newborn, it literally makes me ache. And my youngest is only 11 months! Laurie contacted me about doing a “First Blush” session for her son’s arrival. As with all things in […]

Yep, I put a pink wig on my baby. What of it?


Every once in a while, I have to remind myself of how long I’ve had this love affair with photography. Every once in a while I have to stop and remind myself that even though I took a bit of a detour as a journalist (OK, a decade-long detour), it was always photography that called […]


Beautiful You!

So you’re a mom, and everyone, (I mean EVERYONE) comes first. You don’t have time to shower until 11 p.m. and when you do it’s so rushed that you forget to shave your legs (until your toddler, affectionately stroking your leg says:”Mommy, what’s that? Fur?”– in which case you drop everything else and take care […]

In love and totally at ease

Inspiring confidence and comfort

“Carrie easily captured the love we have for one another and our joie-de-vivre. She made us feel comfortable to be ourselves, this to laugh and relax – this combined with her expert eye and talent made for some wonderful photoshoots,”– S. Roy   I truly believe that comfort and confidence are the two basic ingredients […]