Welcome Home Rafael

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder how other birth photographers, doulas, midwives, ect… don’t all have 10 kids!
Every time I get to cuddle a newborn, it literally makes me ache.

And my youngest is only 11 months!

Laurie contacted me about doing a “First Blush” session for her son’s arrival.

As with all things in life (especially birth), other things came up that nixed that session.

Instead we opted to do a “Welcome Home” session, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite types of baby sessions.
Mom and Dad settle in for some one on one time with baby, and as they bask in that “babymoon” glow, I photograph the new family in all their splendour.



There’s nothing like seeing a father look at his partner and baby with just pure love and adoration, and Mike wasn’t shy in showing his affection for his new little family.

Laurie and Mike, thanks for inviting me into this little slice of your life!




12 Responses to “Welcome Home Rafael”

  1. These are beautiful Carrie :)

  2. Ann says:

    Babies = Spring!
    Great organic images!

  3. These are really precious. I love when you just leave people to be together and get their love on. That’s what it’s all about!

  4. Ooooh squishy newborn-y-ness! I want one so bad haha! These are great and I love the concept of a welcome home shoot!

  5. Anna Gordon says:

    I absolutely adore these shots…love how natural and beautiful they are! I feel baby fever coming on!

  6. Jenna Leigh says:

    Beautiful beautiful new life, family, session – fabulous.

  7. Aw presh!! I love the more lifestyle approach to newborns – even though I totally suck at them… These are so sweet!!

  8. Nikki Closser says:

    So precious! Beautiful photos :)

  9. What an adorable little munchkin!

  10. Love the idea of a “welcome home” session!

  11. Its so easy I forget my own daughter being that small. Sweet images and besutiful family.

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