Little lady P at home in Etobicoke — newborn session

I don’t talk about it often, but my hometown is in Sudbury, ON. Sometimes, I’m lucky to encounter one of my own, someone who like me left their small town to move to the big city. They get me, and it’s kinda like coming home. I felt this way, with this little lady’s mama. She […]


Newborn session at home with little M

I hit it off with this little lady as I was preparing to photograph her new baby brother. We giggled and laughed together. And even when I returned to show the family their photos this week, she squealed with delight when she saw me! I love making new little friends  


Etobicoke Newborn session with little lady G

I’ve photographed the babies of two friends of this lovely couple, so I was pleased as punch to be referred to them. And this lovely little lady is oh so beloved. You can just tell by the way Mommy and Daddy look at her.  


Newborn session at home in Richmond Hill

Not all newborn sessions are done in the first 12 days of life, as many photographers would insist upon. I know moms who have trouble with breastfeeding, moms who have had extended hospital stays, moms who just were so in their nesting mode that they didn’t come up for air. Whatever the reason, newborn photos […]


Newborn Photography in the Annex– Toronto

Photographing Baby B in her parents temporary home in downtown Toronto was an absolute pleasure. It was such a joy to know that these photos would be shared with their extended families out of province , viagra as the couple were far                 from home, for work and […]


Baby boy newborn session at home

Creating newborn images in your home, where you have all your creature comforts is an absolute pleasure. Most of my clients are surprised at how little space I need to create lovely images in their homes. Little J’s session was all done in a bedroom. All you need is some light and a little a […]


At home with baby E

It’s not everyday that clients become fast friends. But it was hard not to fall in love with this little family. After being their maternity and birth photographer, their newborn session was a joy. Big sister was especially proud to finally hold her little brother!        

Birth. Bellies. Babies. Breastfeeding. An artful legacy for families in bloom

Lifestyle Newborn Session at home

Newborn photos are usually done within 10 days of baby’s birthday. Miss Z’s were about a week late, but she still was a dreamy baby to work with. So sweet and pouty, those lips are to do die for! We did a bit of a lifestyle newborn session to get good variety and just as […]

Birth. Bellies. Babies. Breastfeeding. An artful legacy for families in bloom

Two babies- one love

There’s something almost magical about twins isn’t there? They’re so sweet, the bond they share at an age where neither is really that bonded to anyone else. Double the blessing, double the kisses, double the snuggles. What’s not to love. These two were not only a joy to photograph, but lovely to hold!


Newborn session at home with Baby C

In my community, in South Etobicoke there is a place where new moms go to share their experiences, trials and tribulations. It’s called “baby club.” That is where I met Baby C’s mama, 2.5 years ago, when my own little guy was a baby, and her eldest B was also pretty new. Creating memories for […]


Welcome Home Rafael

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder how other birth photographers, doulas, midwives, ect… don’t all have 10 kids! Every time I get to cuddle a newborn, it literally makes me ache. And my youngest is only 11 months! Laurie contacted me about doing a “First Blush” session for her son’s arrival. As with all things in […]


At home with Mr. A

I met Meetu and Puleen when their son was a newborn. He was 3 weeks old, a little older than the average newborn I photograph. Still, we got some great photos and had some good laughs. Including a few out-takes like this one: I was so pleased to come back and see this little guy […]


I’m only smiling because there’s chocolate waiting ~ Toronto Family Photographer

When I met this lovely family for the first time, I was excitedly greeted by little Miss C who showed me her dress and some of her great toys. She was so amazingly cooperative, I couldn’t believe it. We whisked through some posed family portraits, and even got some great ones of her in her […]


Baby’s first photo shoot.

With my first baby, I was so overwhelmed by the prospect of first-time motherhood that I missed out on this precious period of time where babies are still sleepy and poseable. The idea of doing anything other than eating, sleeping and taking care of baby seemed unlikely, if not impossible. The most incredible photos are […]