Baby’s first photo shoot.

With my first baby, I was so overwhelmed by the prospect of first-time motherhood that I missed out on this precious period of time where babies are still sleepy and poseable. The idea of doing anything other than eating, sleeping and taking care of baby seemed unlikely, if not impossible. The most incredible photos are captured at this time. Babies between birth and 12 days old are soft, squishy and generally don’t flinch at the sound of a camera shutter. They’re still pretty curled up too when they’re that new.
Now if even I, with all the equipment and the skills to do it without leaving home can forget to do it, then we certainly can’t expect all you new moms out there to remember. Book your newborn session ahead of time. That way, not only will you make sure the photographer of your choice is available, but you’ll make sure that you don’t miss out simply because you were so caught up in watching their eyelashes uncurl.

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