Maternity session by the beach in Etobicoke

There was so much to love about Nadia and Sam.
But most palpable was their love for each other. What a lucky little baby to come into a home so full of warmth and closeness.


Nadia&SamFourBees001 Nadia&SamFourBees002 Nadia&SamFourBees003 Nadia&SamFourBees004 Nadia&SamFourBees005 Nadia&SamFourBees006 Nadia&SamFourBees007 Nadia&SamFourBees009 Nadia&SamFourBees010 Nadia&SamFourBees012 Nadia&SamFourBees014 Nadia&SamFourBees016 Nadia&SamFourBees017 Nadia&SamFourBees024

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