Maternity session in Scarborough

Waiting for this little lady to arrive so I could photograph her birth, pilule we did a maternity session of the family at their Scarborough home.

Her older sister had eyes for no one but daddy, order and she made it clear I was intruding on her time with papa!
Still she cooperated a little :)

LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_001 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_002 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_003 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_009 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_013 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_015 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_016 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_019 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_022 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_024 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_027 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_028 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_030 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_031 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_032 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_033 LIN_Maternity_4beesphoto_034

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