Newborn Photography in the Annex– Toronto

Photographing Baby B in her parents temporary home in downtown Toronto was an absolute pleasure.
It was such a joy to know that these photos would be shared with their extended families out of province BrynnFourBees_0010 BrynnFourBees_0011 BrynnFourBees_0013 BrynnFourBees_0017 BrynnFourBees_0018 BrynnFourBees_0021 BrynnFourBees_0022 BrynnFourBees_0025 BrynnFourBees_0026 BrynnFourBees_0027 BrynnFourBees_0028 BrynnFourBees_0032, viagra as the couple were far









from home, for work and study.

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