Newborn session at home with Baby C


In my community, in South Etobicoke there is a place where new moms go to share their experiences, trials and tribulations. It’s called “baby club.”

That is where I met Baby C’s mama, 2.5 years ago, when my own little guy was a baby, and her eldest B was also pretty new.

Creating memories for growing families through a newborn session, especially when we’ve shared a common path makes my job so special. Getting to see families become whole is all kinds of awesome.

Big sister B wasn’t super keen on being in photos with her sister, but she loved her one on one time with daddy!




8 Responses to “Newborn session at home with Baby C”

  1. Great images here. Really well captured!

  2. I adore the shot of the sister kissing her arm. CUTEST EVER! Beautiful job!

  3. Amy says:

    What a sweet little one.

  4. So cute, always love father/daughter photos!

  5. Morgana says:

    Gorgeous :)

  6. Ashlee says:

    Precious images- you work so well with babies!

  7. Whitney Lane says:

    I really love that the sister was included in the session. So adorbs to see how she looked at the time this little one entered the world

  8. Great newborn pictures. Fabulous job!

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